Posted: June 8th, 2015

Compares group nutrition education talks to those available in the community

Assessment Feedback


Nutrition Communication & Food Studies

Assessment 4: “Portfolio” 20% of overall course mark. Due Week 14 2015

Key criteria of this assignment Grade Comment
Critical Reflection on Nutrition Education Talk       40

Critically reflects on the evaluation of the nutrition education session along with self-reflection
Recommendations for future modification of session.

Critical Reflection on Nutrition Education talks of other groups     30

Constructive reflection on group talks by other students and provide recommendations for further improvement

Reflection on Current programmes available in the Community     20

Reflects on the Nutrition health programmes available in the community
Compares group nutrition education talks to those available in the community

Describes skills and professional development required as an employee for each of these positions/programmes

Participation and completion of activities in workshops and practicals     10
Marks will be deducted if the following are not met.

Structure, Presentation and Format of Critical Reflection

Clear, interesting & concise presentation of information
Logical and easy to follow
Normal academic standards of literacy
Does not repeat material from text in tables
Appropriate use of headings
Appropriate referencing in body text and tables
Use of Harvard Referencing system

The Graduate qualities being assessed by this assignment are indicated by an X:
x GQ1: operate effectively with and upon a body of knowledge x GQ5: are committed to ethical action and social responsibility
x GQ2: are prepared for lifelong learning x GQ6: communicate effectively
x GQ3: are effective problem solvers x GQ7: demonstrate an international perspective
x GQ4: can work both autonomously and collaboratively



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