Posted: August 14th, 2015

Topic: Case study brief

Topic: Case study brief

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Drawing on your understanding of global media, you will select a case study to use as your
focus for this assessment task. This case study could be in the form of: a transnational media
company; a global pop culture phenomenon; a global media event (e.g.: the Olympics); or
perhaps even an example of national legislation that regulates access to global media flows.
This assessment task has three parts:
1.Case study brief (due in class in Session 4 for feedback only)
Murdoch University 13
a. Provide a one page written brief that identifies your case study and explains
how it relates to global media
b. Discuss how it relates to:
i. Steger’s (2002) different dimensions of globalisation (ie: which of the
four positions detailed by Steger is best represented by your chosen
ii. Flew’s (2007) three ‘senses’ of media (Chapter 1)
use FIFA world cup on 2014 as my main idea on this research. i will provide one reading about steger but im not sure is it the one my lecture looking but please look for FLEW reading, tittle is three ‘senses’ of media and use on this paper.

no reference is needed, all by your own words.

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