Posted: June 11th, 2015

Topic: Arrest and Search

Topic: Arrest and Search

Instructions: per college
The learning agreement must include the college level knowledge that will be
demonstrated / documented and must include the following five components:
Description of what was learned
This PLA will demonstrate my knowledge of Arrest and Search.
Learning results
The learning results must reflect the principal elements of the knowledge which the
student is claiming to have mastered. This should be broken down into specific areas.
For an upper level course, the following verbs should be used: analyze, criticize,
evaluate, demonstrate, compare/contrast, differentiate, etc.) The faculty member should
list at least 8 learning results.
The narrative is an essential part of the prior, guiding the evaluator through the
student’s knowledge and experiences and identifying the significance of all of the
accompanying documents. The narrative should be a minimum of  4 pages and should
detail the student’s journey or path that led to the college level knowledge gained. This
is where the student convinces the evaluator about what he/she knows (theory) and
how he/she knows about the subject matter (experience or practice). All documentation
should be cited in the narrative, as appropriate. The student should use the learning
agreement as a guide because it identifies the specific competencies that were to be
learned as a result of the student’s prior experiences.
The student may also be guided by the following questions as the narrative is being
1) What did I learn and how did I learn it?
2) What are the key concepts, ideas, or theories that were learned?
3) What was the time span for this learning experience?
4) What individuals contributed to this experience?
5) What major problems were solved during the process of learning?
6) What were the social, personal, and/or professional impact of this learning
7) What are the implications to work, career, family, and/or society?
The book review should be a theoretical/conceptual academic document. The student
must select a current text (no older than 5 years) that specifically relates to the
subject matter of the prior. A book review is not simply a summary of a book. It must
incorporate the reader’s personal perceptions and interpretation of what the authors are
This document must be a minimum of  8 pages in length and must include a cover
pages and references. APA formatting must be followed and the student should make
sure that all references are cited appropriately.
Some hints to completing a book review that reflects upper level critical thinking skills:
1) Make notes as you read.
2) Write an outline.
3) Write the introduction which includes basic factual information such as the
book title, author, and year of publication. It is helpful to research an author’s
prior publications and background when writing a book review. Does the
author have practical experience in the field that might support the opinions
he/she asserts in the text?
4) The body of the paper should be well organized and reflect a coherent flow.
The student will discuss the content as presented by the author and offer
his/her own personal perspective on what is written. The student’s analysis
should be supported by professional experience and those of other experts in
the field, All quotes or references to the works of others must be cited to
comply with APA formatting.
5) The conclusion should incorporate the student’s reaction to the book, whether
the text challenged the student’s viewpoint, etc.

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