Posted: April 9th, 2021

To what extent has the Feminist movement reduced gender inequalities within contemporary society?

Assignment Task – CourseworkSection AYou MUST answer the following question.1. Sociology is a social science, as is Criminology. However, in what ways are these disciplines different?(500 words) (15 marks) (LO1)Begin with an introductory paragraph what is Social Science, state what criminology and sociology are – 100 words:v Brief description from a Sociologist/Criminologist perspective – [Weber, M. (2017), Methodology of Social Sciences. New Yor]What the differences between Sociology and Criminology have? – 200 wordv Example of these theories. E.g. Recent demonstrations/ Sarah Everard’s murder – ref Summarise the differences and why they are important- 200 words: 2 . In what ways can Marxist Theory be used to explain and understand class inequalities within contemporary society? (1000 words) (35 marks) (LOs 1 – 5)Introduce who Karl Marx was, how The Marxist Theory came about and explore other Sociologist’s viewpoints e.g. Durkheim Functionalism Theory- around 200 words:v Provide background of bourgeoise/proletariat (mid & upper class/working class) – refDescribe Marxist Theory– around 200 words:v Description of Theory – [Marx, K., Engels, F. and Moore, S., (1972), Manifesto of the communist party. Foreign Languages Press Peking].Explain how the unequal distribution of wealth had an impact on contemporary society compared to Marx’s explanation of capitalism – around 200 words:v E.g. Modern slavery – [Brooks, A. and Heaslip, V., (2019), ‘Sex trafficking and sex tourism in a globalised world’, Tourism Review].Comparing Marxist Theory to other Sociologist – around 200 words:v E.g. Durkheim’s Functionalism Theory – refSummarise Marxist Theory on how this can impact on inequalities within contemporary society- around 200 words: Section B1. To what extent has the Feminist movement reduced gender inequalities within contemporary society? (1500 words) (50 marks) (LOs 1 – 5) and referrencing 

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