Posted: August 28th, 2016

Do you think private contractors should replace government employees?

1. If universal health care access becomes a reality, what will happen to hospital emergency rooms?
2. Of the two methods of reducing the deficit to zero raising taxes or decreasing government spending which method do you believe would be perceived by most people to be less painful? Why?
3. How can the federal government spend more than it receives every year, whereas a family would have a hard time doing the same thing year in and year out?
4. Why do you think the daft has not been reinstituted since Vietnam War?
5. Do you think all Americans should be serve their country in some capacity?
6. What is your opinion of the present private contractor system?
7. Do you think private contractors should replace government employees?
8. Would this proposal be a logical expansion of the existing private contractor system?
9. What are the problems with privatization?
10. What is creative sentencing? Do you agree with creative sentencing? Is it appropriate? Explain.

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