Posted: August 4th, 2016

Do you think the individual made the best decision possible given the circumstances?

Locate three contemporary examples in each of the following categories for a total of 12 examples:

Good Samaritan conduct or random acts of kindness
Acts of vigilantism violating the law to enforce the law
Acts of civil disobedience violating the law to change the law
Three criminal acts committed by professionals in the course of their employment other than criminal justice professionals in which the defendant was believed to have violated the ethical standards of his or her profession.

Assemble your 12 examples according to their category and in a visually appealing manner. For each example, provide a summary, a graphic illustration, and a properly formatted reference.

Review all 12 examples and individually answer the following questions:

Do you think the individual made the best decision possible given the circumstances?
Could you see yourself acting similarly in similar circumstances?

Compare your individual responses to the questions above as a team:

For which examples were all team members in agreement?
Which examples generated disagreement?
Discuss what the disagreement reflects in terms of personal value systems.

Consider the following values: Friendship, Power, Altruism, Health, Recognition, Independence, Honesty, Religion, Beauty, Justice, Success, Wealth, Creativity, Knowledge, Wisdom, Family, Duty, Love, Loyalty, Inner Peace, Pleasure, Challenge, Safety, Risk, and Patriotism.

Select three values that you value the most, and select three values that are least important to you.

consider the least important.

Compare each of the actor s value systems with your individual and team value systems. In what way are they similar? In what way are they different?

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