Posted: September 21st, 2015

Thesis Statement …

Below is a list of assignments that must be completed…

Assignment #1: You are to think about the given essay topic and create a masters level thesis statement based on the given topic.

Essay Topic:
Write A paper considering the significance of Pentecost in Acts 2. The “coming of the Spirit” in Acts 2 is one of the most significant events in history. The purpose of this paper is to answer the question, “What exactly happened on that Pentecost day?”. The traditional view says that this is the coming of the Holy Spirit to inaugurate the Church Age. What, however, does that mean? Is this brand new without precedent? Given the importance of pneumatology in Scripture, it is helpful to have developed an understanding of precisely what happened on that day.
Assignment #2: You are to create a document with the following…

~The title of your paper or study(Create a topic based upon the created thesis statement)

~The thesis statement of your paper or study (Thesis statement is the created statement from assignment #1)

~The proposed research methodology of your paper or study(Read the “Research Methodology” sections below)

~The working bibliography of your paper or study. INTERACT WITH AT LEAST 8 SCHOLARLY SOURCES (e.g., journal articles, books, and commentaries).

~The working outline of your paper or study (Read the “Outline: section below)
Note the following:

Research Methodology: In addition to your thesis statement and bibliography, you must include a paragraph(s) related to your research methodology; that is, how you will do what you propose to do in your paper. This is especially important for the primary sources for your study (the New Testament texts). For example, what biblical passages related to your topic will you explore, what biblical passages will you ignore, and how will you justify ignoring them? Will you examine these biblical passages in their historical context? Literary context? Will you do an exposition of the key biblical passage(s) associated with your topic? If not, why not? These are issues related to research methodology and must be addressed before proceeding further.

Outline: An outline is a picture (in “skeletal” form) of where you are going and how you propose to get there. It demonstrates the internal logic and integrity that holds the study together and ensures that every section and paragraph of the paper is “on topic” and supports the research as a whole. Typically, outlines are produced in the Harvard format:

Major point
Sub point
Supporting point
*Please place each assignment on it’s own page.


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