Posted: April 19th, 2016

What is a thesis statement? Based on this definition??

Anonymous Week 2 Discussion COLLAPSE Overall Rating: 12345Your Rating: 12345

Based on this week’s reading and lectures, please respond to the following:

What is a thesis statement? Based on this definition, give your proposed thesis statements for EACH of the three topics you are considering writing about for your upcoming essay (use the list of approved topics available in the appendix to make your choices). Once you’ve listed your three potential topics here, discuss what you think is effective about them and what you think may need revision. (for example, what might be difficult to prove or support? what works well about your thesis for an 8-10 page paper?) Which topic are you leaning toward for your paper and why? Also, what tips do you have for peers struggling with thesis writing? Have you found any good resources to help with this? Remember to respond substantively (100 words or so) to at least one peer. Proofread all posts. I recommend labeling your discussion posts to help with organization. You can use the headings I list below. For example:

Thesis Definition and Three Potential Thesis Statements

Pros and Cons of Each Thesis

Which Thesis/Paper Topic I’m Leaning Toward

Tips for Struggling Peers/Resources original work please

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