Posted: December 14th, 2015

Theoretical Foundations and Contributions to Theory

#7-heoretical Foundations and Contributions to Theory

This assignment allows you to assess the theoretical backbone of your proposed research study. Using the Research Plan/Scientific Merit Form, you will list and describe the theories that provide the foundation for your study. You will also explain how your selected theories provide theoretical contributions of your field of study.

In preparation for completing this assignment, refer to Sections 1 and 2.3–2.4 of the sample Qualitative and Quantitative Research plans linked in the Resources area. There were plans that have been approved and will be useful as a guide for creating your own plan.

In addition, refer to the Research Problem and Contributions to Research Theory Scoring Guide to identify the grading criteria. All of these documents are available under Resources.

After reviewing the above material and completing Section 1 of the form, using information from your approved research article, complete Sections 2.3–2.4 of the Research Plan/Scientific Merit Review Form and submit it to this assignment. The form is included in the Resources area.

Note: All assignments are expected to follow APA guidelines for style and formatting, and to include appropriate citations. Refer to the Resources for more information about APA guidelines.

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