Posted: August 6th, 2015

Thematic Sessions of Interpersonal Behavior

Thematic Sessions of Interpersonal Behavior

Thematic Sessions of Interpersonal Behavior:
1. Chapter 4: The Social Psychology of Stratification
2. Chapter 5: Self and Identity
1. Drawing on your reading from chapter 4, answer the following questions: a) write a brief autobiographical statement that reflects on your parents and grandparents educational attainment(s), b) Describe the Wisconsin Model of Status Attainment and the Kohn and Schooler model of status attainment. How do the models propose that stratification exists in society? Specifically, how do the individual and society interact in the models? C) How do the models, and the information learned from the chapter and class lectures, may explain your own educational position and career goals?

Book References: Social Psychology Sociological Perspectives Third Edition David E. Rohall, Melissa A. Milkie, and Jeffrey W. Lucas

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