Posted: April 8th, 2015

The world of christianity and Islam

The world of christianity and Islam

1. What beliefs of the Christian rulers of Constantinople does this mosaic represent? What might be the meaning of the two models carried and offered to Jesus by the two emperors? Interpret the appearance of halos around the heads not only of jesus and Mary but also of Constantine and Justinian

2. According to the documentary, what events contributed to the severity of the “Plague of Justinian?” What was the impact of these events on the Byzantine Empire? Provide specific example.
3. What is the “blue”Q’ran? Describe how it was created and for what purpose.
4. What might the social statues/ position of these dancing women have been? How does the picture epitomize the changing culture of Islamic leader?
5. According to the documentary, how did Islam impact India? Provide specific examples.
6. In what ways was Islam connected to Judaism and Christianity.

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