Posted: June 5th, 2015

The Role of the Management/Leadership and Organizational Culture in the Success of Samsung

The Role of the Management/Leadership and Organizational Culture in the Success of Samsung

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transition of organization and in leadership of SAMSUNG company.

This project is designed to give students experience writing and reviewing papers. Paper topics are assigned and coded so that the review draft and final paper cannot be identified by other students (please do not reveal you identity throughout the process). Steps: ( see next page) 1. Each student will be assigned a leader within an organization that is in transition and a code to be used throughout this writing and peer-review project. 2. Submit a hardcopy of the abstract (300 words maximum) and a title for review and approval by the instructor per the course schedule. 3. Write the paper: it should (1) briefly describe the organization in terms of applicable models and theories related to culture and leadership; (2) a describe the organization’s mission and vision relative; (3) consider whether or not the organization is on track to achieve its mission and vision ; and (4) make recommendations to those leaders responsible long-range planning in the organization. 4. Submit three hard-copies of the DRAFT to Dr. Stober per the course schedule. Each copy should be identified using your assigned number (NO NAMES or other identifiers — these copies are for “blind review”). These copies will be distributed to other students in advance of the class meeting where we review papers as a group. 5. Participate in the peer review activity per the course schedule. A detailed rubric to review the papers will be prepared and discussed in class per the course schedule. Papers will be judged according to the following criteria: (1) significance and relevance, (2) clarity, (3) relationship to literature, (4) use of theory, (5) critical qualities, (6) clarity of the conclusions, and (7) quality of the communication.

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