Posted: May 26th, 2015



Project description
Using a suitable PM document template, you must present a Statement of Work (SOW) and Project Charter that demonstrates successful achievement of the following assessed learning outcomes.
– Understand project management principles
1.1 Within an organisational setting, write a proposal for creating a new product or service through a managed project
1.2 Provide a product/service scope description to be used as an indicator of success (or failure if not achieved)
1.3 – Identify how the projects objectives are aligned with the organisational strategy.
1.4 – Close the project ensuring key stakeholder approval and sign-of.

1.1.Describe the background and principles of project management
1.2.Appraise the viability of projects, developing success/failure criteria
1.3.Explain the principles behind project management systems and procedures
1.4.Explain the key elements involved in terminating projects and conducting post-project appraisals
Be able to manage a projects human resources

2.1: Specify the roles and responsibilities of the project team and the most effective organisational structure to manage them
2.2: Provide a high-level assessment of the time and capital needs required for the control and coordination of the project.
2.3: Identify the required leadership traits of the project manager
2.4: Identify key stakeholders and get their approval to sign-off the projects start and ensure support throughout.

Project Proposal (Statement of Work) & Project Charter
Your must write a new product/service/process project proposal to the company chosen, laying out the background of project management, and explaining the principles and procedures that support effective project management. Your proposal should suggest success/failure criteria for the proposed project and demonstrate alignment between project objectives and organizational strategic goals.

Your report should identify the most appropriate organisational structure for the project and explain the roles and responsibilities of those engaged in project work and ownership. Your report should explain how the work of the project is to be coordinated and controlled. It should give an assessment of the time and capital resource needs, human resources and other requirements for the project. It will ultimately include a sign-off sheet in which key stakeholders (ie. Project Sponsor, client, etc.) formally agree to start the project.

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