Posted: April 8th, 2015

the RED BOOK BOX. It is red box for books

the RED BOOK BOX. It is red box for books

Order Description

Executive Summary
The executive summary essentially tells the reader why he or she is reading this marketing plan—what changes require consideration, what new products need discussion, and so forth—and suggests possible actions to take in response to the information the plan contains.
Company Overview
In this section, the plan provides a brief description of the company, including perhaps its mission statement, background, and competitive advantages.
This section offers more specifics about why readers are reading the marketing plan. What does the company want to achieve, both overall and with this particular marketing plan?
Situation Analysis
This section describes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats facing the company.
STP Analysis
The analysis proceeds by assessing the market in which the company functions, the products it currently offers or plans to offer in the future, and the characteristics of current or potential customers.
Marketing Strategy
The marketing strategy may be very specific, especially if the plan pertains to, for example, a stable product in a familiar market, or it may be somewhat open to varied possibilities, such as when the firm plans to enter a new market with an innovative product.
Financial Projections
On the basis of the knowledge already obtained, the marketing plan should provide possible developments and returns on the marketing investments outlined in the marketing strategy.
Implementation Plan
This portion of the marketing plan includes the timing of promotional activities, when monitoring will take place, and how expansions likely will proceed.

Evaluation Metrics and Control
The firm must have a means of assessing the marketing plan’s recommendations; the marketing plan therefore must indicate the methods for undertaking this assessment, whether quantitatively or qualitatively.
The final section(s) offers additional information that might be of benefit, such as a list of key personnel, data limitations that may influence the findings, and suggestions of the plan, relevant legislation, and so forth.

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