Posted: May 23rd, 2015

The Interview Questions

The Interview Questions

please answer each question
my major is Business Communication
below are the actual questions you must complete. I have provided??sample answers to the questions as a helpful guide. However, create answers for each question that align with YOUR career interests ?????You will use the questions to answer from your own experience (work, school, life, etc)??but??Do NOT use the sample answers to submit as your own.

1) Tell me about yourself?
I will graduate from (university) with my Bachelor of Bachelor of Science in Finance in May of 2014. While in school, I proudly served as a board member of (university)???s Financial Management Association during my sophomore and junior years. As a chairperson, my communication and teamwork skills helped bring national attention to our chapter. Most recently, I held an internship with Stock Exchange Methods as an Option Valuation Consultant within the Valuation Services Group. In that position, I was heavily involved with data collection and analysis and was praised be several members of the management team for the quality of my work. I am very excited at the prospect of working for your company as it is very similar to what I was working on in my internship and I feel that given my previous accomplishments using these skills I could be a good fit for the consulting position we are discussing today.
2) Why should we hire you?
From our conversation at the career fair, it sounds as if you’re looking for someone to come in and take charge immediately. It also sounds like you are looking for someone who is able to balance consulting efforts with economic analysis during my internship with Global Partners Company. Given my positive evaluation at the end of my internship, I feel that I successfully balanced both roles. My research also indicated you are looking to partner with a couple of the ???Big 4??? public accounting firms and I have had experience consulting and presenting to some of those firms in our student run consulting advisory group. I also know in this business you have reporting periods that require extra hours and overnight work and I have the ability to stay focused under stress. I hope that my previous experiences and skills in my past indicate that I could be a great addition to your team.

3) What is your greatest weakness?
I know that when I began in the business program, I was not a great public speaker. Knowing that this was a critical skill set for my success, I worked?? very hard to read literature on the topic, speak with people who I identified as excellent speakers, and perhaps most of all, I took every opportunity to speak in public and work on my skills. In fact, I make it a point to continue to read and practice in order to learn even more about speaking to audiences. I am happy to say that since I began this project I have received high marks for all my class presentations. I know from reading the job description that this job requires the ability to address groups of clients and I am confident that my acquired skills in this area will serve the company well in this position.

4) Give me an example of a time when you were successful in communicating with a difficult person(s) or circumstance? (STAR)
In my most recent internship, I was often the first one to make contact with new firms. During one call I seemed to run into a wall when trying to get through to an executive. After several failed attempts, I decided I should do some digging into possible reasons why the assistant did not want to let me through to the executive. After asking my colleagues, I discovered that a previous intern had also made contact with that administrative assistance and upon hearing ???no??? from her he became frustrated and complained about her to her superior in a heated email. After telling my supervisor about this, he had the head of our department send a letter of apology to the secretary, explaining to her that this was not how business was done at Johnson Logistics. After she received his letter she contacted me to thank me directly for going above and beyond what any other company would do and stated that it spoke volumes about our organization. From then on, I was able to speak with the executive freely and continued a great working relationship with them both. From this, I learned never to dismiss the administrative assistant, and of doing your research. Both are a very important part of orchestrating business success. Something I think this experience will help foster in working with your organization.
5) Describe a situation when you have placed yourself in a leadership position.?? (STAR)
I first became a member of university Business Communication association during my freshmen year at my university. As a sophomore, I was elected as chair of the communications committee. As a committee chair, I proposed we focus our efforts on working to receive the FMA Superior Chapter designation which is achieved by only 5% out of 200 International FMA Chapters by formalizing key goals and metrics. In order to achieve this designation we needed to re-strategize our chapter???s efforts to align with the designation criteria. I led the effort to publish our first newsletter, contact eight public speakers, organize four corporate tours and host a career fair all within that year. By helping in a great team effort, we reached our goal of achieving the Superior Chapter designation. I think that my work developing strategic goals and metrics was a key mechanism for our success and I believe this ability will serve me extremely well in this position as well.
if you have any question let me know

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