Posted: April 10th, 2015

The Importance of Algebraic Thinking

The Importance of Algebraic Thinking

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Algebraic thinking enables you to achieve various things. With the help of algebraic thinking, you can develop the tools to generalize, solve problems, analyze mathematical relationships, and represent situations. You can use algebraic thinking to model situations in any field and to make predictions. The symbols that are used in such situations are keys for developing algebraic thinking. Answer the question below in your own words & in paragraph form. Do not include any introduction & conclusion. You can add additional sentences/paragraphs. You can add additional references. QUESTIONS: 1. Describe how algebra applies to your life and your chosen discipline of study (Computer Information Systems). Also, describe in how your knowledge of algebra has helped you both on a scholarly level and in your everyday activities. Be sure to include specific examples. 2. Reflect what you found interesting, what you have learned, and what insights you gained as a result of answering Question 1.

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