Posted: April 12th, 2015

The impact of linguistic Variables on cognition, behaviour and performance of the word-learning process

Title: Research Report – The impact of linguistic Variables on cognition, behaviour and performance of the word-learning process
Report Format:
The word limit of 2000 words does not include the title, abstract (maximum 150 words), references or appendices. A guide to report writing can be found in the as attachment.
The report should be structured using the standard psychology research format i.e., title, abstract, introduction [outlining background literature and justification for doing your experiment], method [in sufficient detail for someone else to carry out your experiment, using addressed ethical considerations], results [summarising what you found], and discussion [discussing what you found and linking it to the background literature you covered in the introduction], references and appendices [including SPSS output, briefing, debriefing, stimulus materials, instructions to participant and any other relevant materials].
As an important aim for doing the experiment is to consolidate your knowledge of cognitive psychology, only relatively short method and results sections are expected. Accordingly, the introduction and discussion sections are weighted more heavily.

Research Question and Experiment Design:
Ideally you should think of a research question that can be addressed by an experiment replicating and extending a previous experiment. You cannot do a straightforward replication.
It must be a genuine experiment; quasi designs (designs including gender, age, or any other demographic) are allowed only if they are clearly motivated by existing published research.
The experimental design must consist of two independent variables and only one dependent variable. Students should only consider 2×2 designs – do not consider anything more (or less) elaborate. These can be independent, repeated or mixed designs – select the most appropriate for your research question.

When thinking of the design (and when conducting your study!) you must ensure that you follow the ethical guidelines as laid out by the British Psychological Society. Please note that you can only begin to carry out your experiment once you have had your experimental design approved. In the method section of your experiment report, you need to explicitly state how you addressed ethical considerations…………..

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