Posted: May 16th, 2015

The Family cannon

The Family cannon

read this page from Halina Duraj’s creative non-fiction story “The Family cannon”. Choose a sentence or passage of connection between yourself and the piece. perhaps one part of the text is an accurate reflection of a memory from your past, preset day scene. perhaps some of text comes close to re creating a scene or emotional event in your life, with only detail or tow changed .You might connect with a pasage where the image or idea conveyed isn’t like your life at all , but still, something in the writing a tone, a word, and emotional description tigers a memory or scene from your own life. I you allow yourself sometime and free association, some convergence will occur.

Copy the passage you choose at the top of your assignment then write your own creative non fiction scene inspired by that moment below it. The goal of this exercise it to create a good reflective interoperation and explanation. Think of our discussions about this balance in class Duraj doest this well. Also, as you pops efficient grammar and spelling, complex punctuation, smooth flow (logical and vertical bridging ), Surgical editing, gull bodied paragraphs (that include examples and details), and interesting aviation( such as the inclusion of metaphor, simile , onomatopoeia , sense description. ( It is a creative writing easy

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