Posted: August 6th, 2015

The ethical consequences of genetic testing

You MUST answer the following questions in your paper. The easiest way to do this is to use each
question as a heading for your researched response. The six questions you must research are:
1. What is the background of the problem and what are the public health implications?
2. What is the origin of the threat – natural, chemical, etc?
3. What are the environmental and social aspects of the problem?
4. What interventions or policies are proposed to correct the problem?
5. Do you feel they will be successful in protecting the public’s health?
6. Can you suggest a better intervention and/or policy that might have led to a more protective
Format: You must follow the AMA reference system for a traditional research paper. Citations and a list of sources consulted are required. Any information drawn from the web should be noted. The text of the paper should be approximately 8‑12 pages, doublespaced with normal margins and 11 or 12 point fonts. Appendices can be added, which do not count as part of the page total.

** Please add references from Peer reviewed JOURNALS and ARTICLES – in AMA format

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