Posted: May 24th, 2015

The Edge of Heaven (2008, faith Akin, Germany)

The Edge of Heaven (2008, faith Akin, Germany)

watch a movie called The Edge of Heaven (2008, faith Akin, Germany)

and write an analysis essay about it. NOT A SUMMARY,
Also I want to go over two or three of these criteria below. I want you to use easy words because I’m an international student, try to make sure that you read the example that I provided. Here is the points that you should pick two or three of them. There are several planning issues we may consider when watching this wonderful film. They are aspects of global planning ranging from personal space issues, neighborhood composition, city function, and regional concerns. You may want to broaden your perspectives on global issues including immigration and racial bias.

1) Survival mechanisms in urban space, the importance of recognizable space

2) Immigrants from Turkey face racism and other struggles in Germany

3) Information exchanged among participants and the importance of information dissemination

4) Private space vs. public space

5) Social networking

6) Global communities

7) Lack of family and social support network

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