Posted: June 7th, 2015

Did the United States act as an imperial power in the Philippines?

Assignment instruction:


The Crucible of Empire

Did the United States act as an imperial power in the Philippines?

To complete this assignment write a 4-5 body paragraphs response to this question that also incorporates the three guiding questions below.

Use at least 5 sources that I provided.

  • (Using course sources) Define imperialism in your own words.
  • Why was the U.S. involved in the Philippines? How did events unfold in the end of the 19th and the early 20th centuries?
  • Why has “the national centennial” been a source of controversy in the Philippines?


Your answer should be based on the assigned videos and readings.

Support your position with specific references to the course materials and proper citations.


Important requirement:

(1) Please create a topic, subject and arguments that related the questions in the above paragraph (please do not direct answer this main question as the content of one paragraph, you should use source as evidence to support as well as in corporately answer three questions.)


(2) Include one introduction, 4-5body paragraphs in length and one conclusion.


(3) Remember you are *not* being asked to summarize the materials. You are being asked to construct an argument and to use class materials to support your argument.


(4) Please only use the provided sources materials links and PDF materials that I upload for the citations in each paragraph and in the work cited part. Appropriate citations are very important, so please pay attention to the resources of each source that I provided. And use MLA for the woks cited part. (At lease 5 sources)


(5) Please do not have plagiarism behavior for any source like directly use sentences from the sources.


Sources links:

  • Video source: Crucible of Empire

I provide a word document for this film transcript in the upload folder


  • Video source: America Becomes a World Power. Media Rich Communications, 2004. American History in Video. Web. 7 Apr. 2015. <>.

America Becomes a World Power

produced by Media Rich Communications, in America in the 20th Century, 1 (Chicago, IL: Media Rich Communications, 2004), 29 mins

If you cannot open this link, please use the name of this material to search on other website.


  • Sharon Delmendo, “The Star Entangled Banner: Commemorating 100 Years of Philippine (In)dependence and Philippine-American Relations” Journal of Asian American Studies 1.3 (1998) 211-244


(4)The American Foreign Policy Legacy ,Walter Russell Mead (PDF material in upload folder)

Abstract: Conventional wisdom has long been dismissive of and uninterested in the American foreign policy tradition. This neglect is a mistake. Not only has the United States been extraordinarily successful in its international relations, but its past foreign policy debates are very much alive today.


(5) Back to Bedrock: The Eight Traditions of American Statecraft , Walter A. McDougall (PDF material in upload folder)

Abstract: Searching for guidance after the Cold War, America should re-read the national bible of foreign affairs bequeathed by the Founders and other prophets both realistic and moral. It contains plenty of sound principles–and something for the dustbin.

(6) Gordon Martel, Introduction: Twentieth-Century International History: The Changing Face of Empire

(7)– 45: America in the First World War

(8) Joint Address to Congress Leading to a Declaration of War Against Germany (1917)

(9) Wilson’s War Message to Congress’s_War_Message_to_Congress

(10)8 January, 1918: President Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points

(11)”A French Directive,” The Crisis, XVIII (May, 1919), p. 16-18.



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