Posted: September 16th, 2015

The concerns and needs of Islamic/Muslim community

Develop a research proposal based on the following points:

Citizen-Sourcing Advice to government: a social media engagement model in Islamic/Muslim communities specifically in Australia.
 The need to provide better advice to government about the concerns and needs of Islamic/Muslim community is set against broader geo-political concerns and conflicts in the Middle East and northern Africa.
 What sort of social media strategy will facilitate these goals in Australia?
 What specific aspects of social media make this idea preferable to face to face engagement with community leadership groups in Australia?
 What theoretical insights can be advanced that enable the findings of this research to be generalized to other places and populations rather than Australia?
 Distributed intelligence must be well structured by technical platforms and management strategies

The research proposal must be have the following table of contents:

 Research Aim
 Background
 Methodology
 Expected outcomes
 Research plan for 3 years
 References (15 Harvard Style)


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