Posted: September 20th, 2015

The changes and challenges of life

The changes and challenges of life

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In my opinion, the three most important factors of development are your genes, parents, and your friends. A lot of who we are comes from how we think and how our brain functions, and genes have a lot to do with that. The brain we are born with grows and develops with us, which is why both internal and external factors play crucial roles in development. Most would agree that your upbringing is also crucial in personal development. Until your are launched into the school system. The early years of life are spent mostly around one’s parents, and that period in life is when most neurological connections are being made. Parents quickly are established as auhority/caregiving figures, so their words and behaviors make a huge impat on their children’s minds. Once you are grown, you spend more time in peer groups, and because our need to belong is so great, our thoughts and behaviors will often change to match those of our friends and significant others. There are so many factors that influence our development, but what we are born with and who we surround ourselves with mold us into who we are today. I need something along the lines with this idea. juts keep it simple and I don’t need resources. not the same just the same idea, but I want everything different.

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