Posted: April 5th, 2015

the Board of Directors of an organisation that is considering whether to adopt PRINCE2®

the Board of Directors of an organisation that is considering whether to adopt PRINCE2®

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Individual Report – Briefing Document
You are required to write a short briefing document to the Board of Directors of an organisation that is considering whether to adopt PRINCE2®.
In writing the briefing document:  you need to choose an organisation, real or imagined, and provide a short Background section providing details about the organisation.  You are free to place your organisation in any industry and to be undertaking any type of projects –though you need to provide some details of the industry and type of projects undertaken in the Background section.  If you are using a real organisation you must state your source of information about the organisation in the Background section.
The only criterion that you must adhere to in describing your organisation is that they currently do not have a formal project management method in place and need advice on the best way forward.
Your briefing document needs to include the pros and cons of adopting PRINCE2®, alternatives and your recommendations.
Your briefing document must also contain references to the project management literature, with the emphasis being on peer-reviewed papers in academic journals.  Hence you will need to demonstrate skills in searching the electronic journals which LJMU subscribe to and locating pertinent academic papers using key word searches.  These journals are held in a number of electronic databases, including Business Source Complete, Emerald Fulltext, JSTOR, Swetwise and Science Direct.
You will also need to demonstrate skill in structuring your briefing document appropriately.  As a minimum you will be expected to write a clear introduction and concluding section and in addition you will be expected to structure the rest of your briefing document in a coherent and logical fashion.  Further, you will be expected to write in a style that is readable and presents your arguments in a clearly understandable fashion.
The maximum word count for your briefing document is 2,000 words, this excludes references and appendices.  Appendices should be kept to a minimum and should not be used to place material that should be in the main body of the report.
Marking criteria for Briefing Document
Marks will be awarded using the following specific criteria in relation to the individual report:
Criterion    Percentage
Quality of  the Introduction section to the briefing document    10%
Main body of the briefing document
–    Clarity of the Background section
–    Pros and cons of adopting PRINCE2®
–    Alternative approaches
–    Recommendations    60%

Quality of the Concluding section to the briefing document    10%
Overall presentation, structure and  layout of the briefing document    10%
Use of literature, referencing of material to support briefing document – minimum number of references expected is 10    10%
Total     100%
I want a native speaker to write the work, I’m not looking to find any grammar mistakes. I want the use of academic language. The work must be fully completed and supported with the required evidence. The references must be in Harvard style. The work must be paraphrased, I don’t want you to copy and paste the information from any source because this will be considered as plagiarism.
If there’s any further information needed please contact me.

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