Posted: August 25th, 2015

The benefits and limitations of various types of community health worker (CHW) in making health care more accessible

Discuss the benefits and limitations of various types of community health worker (CHW) in making health care more accessible. Suggest strategies to address the limitations that you identify.
– When discussing benefits and limitations provide strong arguments with examples/statistics, each idea has to be strong evidence to the main points. The majority of the essay is about benefits and limitations. The rest about 1500 words strategies to address the limitations.
– write strong introduction and conclusion which sum up the body of the essay with recommendations at the end.
– as this essay worth 70% the references has to be at least 25 updated not old references, using Harvard referencing style. Please use the readings via accessing my account through dropbox: Primary health care —> open Reading for essay file –> community health workers.
my account:, Password: EG&,384bp
Word count : The word count should be more than 3500 words and less than 4000 words. This excludes references. If the essay exceeds 4000 words, any material above the word limit will not be assessed. No marks will be directly deducted for an essay under 3500 words but brevity will likely affect your ability to make a broad and deep argument.
Use appropriate spacing: either 1.5 or double space your essay. We recommend margins of 2 cm for the left, 4 cm for the right and 2 cm for top and bottom.
Use a standard font such as Times, 12 point or Times New Roman, 12 point.

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