Posted: June 13th, 2015

Texas Death Penalty

Texas Death Penalty

-Please use endnotes to cite your sources. A bibliography is not required, so sources used should be cited in
endnotes.  The endnotes are NOT part of the 4-5 pages.  Endnotes are placed at the end of the paper and
are linked by a number to the area in the paper where the content is used.
-Outline your report as follows:
1.  Introduction (1/2 page) – state your issue and summarize the content of the report
2.  Background – (1-1 ½ pages) describe your issue and its history.  Why is the issue important?  How has
government addressed the issue in the past?
3.  Government – (1-1 ½ pages) How is government currently addressing the issue? (summarize your
government document – legislation, judicial decision, policy statement, etc.)
4.  Opinion – (1-1 ½ pages) – Include at least two different opinions on the issue.  You can also include your
own, but this should be in addition to the two opinions.

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