Posted: May 19th, 2015

TESOL / Applied Linguistics

TESOL / Applied Linguistics

Design and develop 2* original research instruments (questionnaire, interview schedule) to investigate
a set of research questions in a particular area of TESOL / Applied Linguistics. In addition, complete
an ethical approval form (including informed consent forms where needed) and provide an
explanation of data collection and analysis procedures.
Write a detailed justification for your methodological decisions throughout with reference to
appropriate research methodology literature (approximately 2500 words). You may need to make
some reference to TESOL literature relating to your chosen topic in order to give background for your
work, but this should not be the main focus of your writing and argumentation.
Assessment Criteria:
Research issues, questions/hypotheses Researchability and operationalizability of RQs.
Methodology Soundness of methodology.
understanding of methodological paradigm and
consequences for approach and tools
appropriateness of research instruments and
analysis procedures.
Validity and reliability of research instruments.
Consideration of ethical issues involved.
Awareness of limitations of study.
Organisation & presentation of argument
Referencing conventions
Clarity of thought and presentation.
Ability to express argumentation coherently.
Ability to build clear logical arguments.
Backing up claims with evidence.
Avoiding unsubstantiated sweeping statements.
Correct and appropriate use of quotations and
Fully and comprehensively referenced using
standard academic conventions.
Clearly distinguishes between own work and
that of others.
Intended Learning outcomes:
This assessment relates to the following intended learning outcomes for the module.
Knowledge and Understanding
On successful completion the student will be able to:
1. Understand and critique a variety of methodologies in TESOL and applied linguistics research
and apply these methodologies in the collection and analysis of data
2. Understand and critique different types of TESOL research data and linguistic evidence
3. Select appropriate linguistic evidence and present it in an argument.
4. Present research data and analyses appropriately
5. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of ethical issues connected with applied
language and TESOL research
6. Apply knowledge and understanding gained in writing an extended proposal for a research
Transferable/Key Skills and other attributes
On successful completion the student will be able to demonstrate:
1. High level written communication skills(synergizing new information into coherent arguments)
2. Critical thinking skills (critical appraisal of arguments; logical thinking; use of evidence to
support arguments)
3. IT skills (use of online data bases for information gathering, using IT to present and edit
written work)
4. Referencing skills
Guidelines for Submission
This assignment must be submitted electronically to the Final Submissions area on the module
Blackboard site. Before you make your final submission you are encouraged to use the draft
submissions area in order to check your referencing. Draft submissions will not be marked.
All source material must be correctly cited within your assignment (using the Harvard system). This
applies both to direct quotation and to paraphrase. All works cited in the body of your work should be
listed in a References list.
Please remember that this must be your own unaided work. You may not collaborate with others in
the production of this assignment. If you are unclear about the concepts of plagiarism and collusion,
please speak to the module tutor or your personal tutor.
Grading bands:
The pass mark is set at 50% and the marking scale is:
Percentage mark Level of performance
90-100 outstanding
80-89 excellent
70-79 very good
60-69 good
50-59 satisfactory
40-49 unsatisfactory
30-39 inadequate
20-29 poor
10-19 very poor
0-9 extremely poor

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