Posted: February 12th, 2016

How Terrorism affect Global Travel and Tourism

. This PowerPoint presentation is your opportunity to show off what you have created to the class. Here are your Instructions:
Using your assignments completed to date (essays, topic selection discussion and PowerPoint outline), you are to showcase what you researched.
Here are the guidelines:
1. Create a title slide – research title, your name, date, course, professor
2. Create 16 slides (not including title slide or reference slide)
3. Include a reference page
a. 10 scholarly references are required
4. Use correct grammar
5. Let your slides tell your PowerPoint’s story
a. Include animation and images to illustrate your story, not overwhelm it
6. Create well organized slides (use your outline to assist you with this)
7. Include an introduction and conclusion, as well as a body
8. Use citations on your slides (it is essential to use your research)
a. Use the APA style guide
9. Create a voice-over for the PPT
Here are some tips to assist you:
1. Here are some tips to assist you:
1. 12 Tips for Creating better PowerPoint Presentations
2. How to Create a Great PowerPoint Presentation
3. Design Shack
Here are some voice-over PPT tips:
4. How to create voice-over narration for your PowerPoint Presentation
5. Microsoft PowerPoint (voice-over recording instructions)

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