Posted: May 28th, 2015

Term Project

Term Project

Term Project
For the term project you will be doing an analysis and write-up of the data that you and your fellow students recorded for one of the Data Exercises.  It is your choice which week’s Data Exercise you choose; This paper should be 5 pages, double spaced.  You must cite at least three professional references in this paper.  A professional reference is an article from a professional journal of physical anthropology or any science magazine covering physical anthropology.

Once you have chosen the Data Exercise you wish to write up, come up with a hypothesis based on the data that YOU collected.  Now combine your data with that of your classmates and analyze that data set.  Use charts or tables to summarize the data.  When you combine all the data recorded by the class, is your hypothesis supported or disproved?

You may paste your completed paper into the editing box below or you may create a website through which you present your data and just paste the URL into the box below

Organize your paper using the structure below:


This should be a brief description of the topic of your paper. It should include the subject material and a hypothesis.

?Materials and Methods:

?Typically this is the section where a researcher describes how (s)he collected her/his data.


The Results section is where you present your findings. You should describe your data in narrative, but also use charts or graphs to help to present your findings. You can include photos, but that is optional, as ETUDES does not always allow upload of photos.


This is where you interpret the results of the data and conclude whether your hypothesis was supported or disproved. In this section you discuss what you think the data means and why. You will want to any cite references you use to support your interpretations. This section should be a lengthy analysis of the data relative to what other research has been done on your topic.


Summarize your paper here. Use this section to make any closing remarks and suggestions for further research. For example, if you chose one of the weeks during which primate behavior was recorded, you may want to comment on how the zoo environment might have affected the results of your data.


Any paper you write should include a bibliography, which cites the sources of your information. Include the author, date, title, and publisher. Any references you cite in the bibliography should also be cited in parentheses within the text of the paper using (Author, Year).  A college research paper should have a minimum of three professional journal articles.

NOTE: Do not spend a lot of time on font and format; most of this will be lost when you submit your paper through Assignments.  If you decide to build a website to present your data, be sure any text is easily readable.

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