Posted: August 31st, 2015


For this assignment students are required to
find and read in detail 3 articles from taxation journals published between 2011 and 2015 (some tax
journals are listed below). The topics that students may choose have to relate to the topics covered in
the course. See page 11 for a list of topics. Students are then required to:
• Briefly summarise the issues identified in each article (300 words maximum per article),
• Provide a critique of the article author/s viewpoint, in other words, provide your point of view
on the issues raised in the articles (500 words maximum per article),
• Write a summary of what you learnt from reading each article (200 words maximum per article)
Taxation and well as other journal articles can be accessed via the RMIT Library website. Taxation
journal you can use for the assignment include:
• Australian Tax Forum
• Australian Tax Review
• eJournal of Tax Research
• Journal of Australian Taxation
• Revenue Law Journal
You may also use other relevant journals for the purposes of this assignment.

Full references must be provided at
the end of the assignment. Refer to the RMIT Business referencing guidelines document which can be
downloaded from You must follow this guidance when
referencing articles from the journal article you choose. At the end of the references you must also
provide a link (the url) for each of the three journal articles you have chosen.
Further information about how to prepare a critique will be provided on Blackboard. You may also
want to look at the advice provided on
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