Posted: March 18th, 2016

Taste Aversion conditioning paper

Taste Aversion Conditioning Paper
Students will prepare a laboratory report describing a simulated experiment on taste aversion conditioning. The report will follow APA-formatting conventions and include the following parts: title page, abstract, introduction, method (including subjects, apparatus, and procedure subsections), results, discussion, and references page.
What to Include in the Paper:
Title page: Follow APA formatting; in keeping with common practice for research reports, the title should reference a distinguishing feature of the method and/or results.
Abstract: Begin with a sentence or two that describes the purpose of the research. The remainder should focus on the main features of the method and results.
Introduction: Briefly describe what taste aversion conditioning is and what makes it a topic of special interest to classical conditioning. Cite four articles on taste aversion conditioning in the paper (examples can be found in the Lessons folder) to help readers understand what’s been done in the past. Indicate the purpose of the research – specifically, the variables we selected and why they are worth examination.

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