Posted: August 15th, 2015

Sustainable Entreprise Case Study


The focus of this task is to examine existing sustainable TLE (Tourism, Leisure, Event) exemplars and develop a report outlining the aspects that suggest these to be sustainable TLE – related business
Students musst identify 3 TLE entreprises considered to be exemplars in their sustainable practices. There must be at one from a developing country, one from a develop country and the third one is free the xhoose

1. An overview of ech entreprise including name, location, general background information, population, GDP, import/export, relationship to tourism
2.Using the given table, list the managemet policies and practices undertaken by each entreprise
3A disscusion involving the findings identified in the suggested table that compare and contrast the management policies and practises of each entreprise
4. A clear disscusion that evaluates each sustainability dimensiom amd determines if there is a balances approach towards adressing each dimension
5. A disscusion of the challenges faced by each entreprise in achieving sustainability
6. Academic sources need to be used ti support and justify the conten, build a conistent, valid argument
7. all tables must have lead in sentences.
Word Count: 750 Words (without introduction, table, figures, conclusion)

Suggestes table of Content:
2. Overview of each Entreprise
2.1Entreprise a
2.2 Entreprise b
2.3 Ebtreprise c
3.o Comparison of management policies and practices
4.0 challenges faced to achieve sustainability
5.0 Conclusion
6.0 Refrences
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