Posted: August 18th, 2015

Study of Inmate Experience.

Mixed race inmates tend to arrange their group hierarchies in relation to skin color.
Women tend to affiliate in relation to extended family models.
Show how the theory helps you derive your research question and your theses.

Describe the method of research you will use to carry out your study in ethical ways, with minimal risk to the researcher and the inmates.

Present the types of questions you would ask.

Describe the groups you would access.

Discuss how you would access these groups, and present the concepts you would use.

Show how you would protect the security of the groups and your qualitative data.

Discuss how you would collect the data.

Suggest what you imagine you would find if you actually implemented the design.
Explain how you would analyze the data using qualitative conceptual tools.
Explain how you would present (write up) the qualitative data?

Describe how you would use theory to explain the findings you would expect to obtain.
Identify at least one limitation of your own proposed project. Present any policy implications that could be taken from your proposed, theoretically informed, qualitative research project.

Be sure your assignment includes references to one peer-reviewed research article as well as the citations and references comply with APA sixth edition guidelines.

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