Posted: June 19th, 2015

Examine the influences the environment has on cultural practices related to health promotion and illness prevention activities.

Please, read the entire directions carefully and prepare me a power point presentation of 25 slides and 5 references. Choose one of the frameworks below research about it and follow the guide lines. Also pay attention to the grading rubric. APA format

Student Seminar Presentation (Individual)
For this assignment, you are required to conduct an interview on an individual from the culture of your choice and prepare a PowerPoint Presentation of the interview that responds to the following questions:
1. Choose a cultural group within your community.
2. Choose a family or individual from that group.
3. Meet with the individual/family at least weekly in order to develop meaningful relationships.
4. Utilize a framework to perform a cultural assessment of the selected culture.
5. Describe traditional views of health and illness within the culture.
6. Examine the influences the environment has on cultural practices related to health promotion and illness prevention activities.
7. Use data from the cultural assessment to plan a health promotion intervention.
8. Identify strategies that may be used to provide culturally competent and

relevant interventions for individuals, families, and communities.
Please note that you are being graded on presentation, comprehensiveness, and professionalism. It is the expectation that your presentation will be at least 25 slides and may use speaker notes to explain your slides. Feel free to use video and audio links (but make sure that they are working).
NOTE: Although, your primary source is the person that you are interviewing, you must have at least 5 references within the presentation. Make sure that you have references and support for your implications for nursing practice as well. You may also use the references to show discrepancies between what you found in the interview and what is found in the literature.

Frameworks which facilitate assessing cultures:
A. Madeline Leininger – Sunrise Model (1991).
B. Giger and Davidhizar – Cultural Assessment (1995).
C. Josepha Campinha-Bacote – A Culturally Competent Model of Care (1991).
D. Larry D. Purnell Model – Model for Cultural Competence (1998).
E. Rachel E. Spector – Cultural Heritage (2004).
F. Levin, Like & Gottlieb – Becoming Culturally Competent (1998).
G. Berlin & Fowkes – The Learn Model (1982).

Evaluation of Undergraduate Student Presentations CRITERIA Value
% %

A. Content and Thought

1) Identifies learning outcomes that are measurable.
2) Provides an outline and references
3) Presents content in a logical and organized manner.
4) Presents accurate content.
5) Includes appropriate references.
6) Incorporates appropriate research.
7) Summarizes and synthesizes ideas.
8) Appropriately answers questions from the audience.

B. Organization

1) Presents the purpose.
2) Presents in logical order.
3) Transitions occur between thoughts.
4) Subsections reflect the main idea.

C. Professional Style

1) Uses correct grammar.
2) Uses professional vocabulary.
3) Uses appropriate nonverbal communication.

D. Presentation Strategies
1) Uses a variety of strategies, for example:
a. Question and answer
b. Videotapes or films
c. Case studies
d. Demonstrations / Hands on
e. Gaming Activities
f. Skits / Role-playing

2) Incorporates appropriate audio-visual or computer technology, for example:
a. Overheads
b. PowerPoint

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