Posted: December 14th, 2015

Structural Analysis, Design and Detailing

For your coursework, all the loads/actions applied on the structures that you are going to analyse and design depend on your uniqueness code (UC). Your Uniqueness Code (UC) is made up from the SUM of the third and sixth numbers of your student ID number and calculated as follows below.(Please make sure that you hand in this information with your coursework report):
Third number of your ID NO. = 3
Sixth number of your ID NO. = 3
Your Uniqueness Code (UC) = 6

4.2.2. Brief for Coursework Structural analysis, design and detailing
A client wishes to utilise an open area to construct a three storey building with the height of each storey of 3.6m. An architect has been appointed and has evolved the scheme which is sketched in Figure 1.

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