Posted: July 23rd, 2015

Strategy decisions making, strategy frameworks applied to decisions in WRSX


This assignment is based on six sets of decisions connected to a business plan for WRSX which is attached to this assessment. You will act as the Board for WRSX and be given two questions to answer at each set – first, decide which four agenda items you wish to consider from six options and, when you have made your four choices, for each agenda item you will then have to make a decision based on four choices offered (a – d). So, you are making first, a decision about what items are important to progress your particular business plan, and second, what WRSX should actually do in relation to these. (DECISIONS HAS BEEN MADE ALREADY ALL INFORMATION ALL IN WORD DOCUMENT, and decisions made are marked on red colour), I will also ulpoad WRSX business plan and all others documents. Summary of all decisions in a table you can find in word document with the name final report.

You will make your six sets of decisions and will then write a paper entitled:
An Analysis of the Strategic Decisions Made for WRSX
Your paper should focus on the key reasons for the decisions you made, not all of them, in relation to progressing the plan, and how you responded to the changing KPIs at each stage. Your paper is thus an overview of where your decisions have taken WRSX in achieving its plan.
You are expected to refer to some of the key strategy concepts and frameworks as they helped you with the decisions you made.

You then have your paper to write of 3000 words(+,-10%). You should not review each and every decision as the groups are doing, but provide me with a paper that shows your understanding overall what it is you did, and why, in relation to the assessment, and have a good understanding of why you achieved the KPIs and share price you did. The point is not to get the maximum of any KPI, but to make rational decisions throughout, adjusting as necessary, but keeping to the overall plan. If all your KPIs fall significantly, and the share price, but in hindsight you can evaluate why, then that will be a good paper for assessment.
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