Posted: March 7th, 2016

Strategic Project Management and Practice

1- Based on the results of previous assignment on this module, your prior work experience or personal preferences pick a subject area for a project (see Appendix 1 for examples).

2- As a representative of an organisation commissioning the above project:
a) Define a reasonably achievable scope and deliverables – use your judgement to set the time constraints, assume money is “no object”.

b) Construct a Request For Proposal (RFP) that is to be sent out to potential contract bidders. Refer to the lecture slides for the standard/required components of the document.

3- As a contractor who has just won the tender for the above project create a Project Charter to be used by the project team. This should at least include the following elements:
– Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
– Estimate of time and resources needed (staff, materials, etc.)
– Network / Critical Path analysis and Gantt Diagram
– Budget
– Quality Assurance plan
– Risk Management plan

4- Construct a 5-slide presentation for senior management to demonstrate your vision of how the project is to be delivered.

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