Posted: June 16th, 2015



1.    What is your major?

2.    Give an example of an experiment or observational study that you could perform in your major field?

3.    What kind of experimental design would you use and why? What would you measure? How wouldyou sample and allocate the samples or, on the case of an observational study, collect data? Lay out the important steps?

4.    If possible, propose alternative design, and describe all the needed adjustment to the experiment.

5.    After you decide andesign, a measure, sample and collect data, you run an Analysis of Variance. What are the null and alternative hypotheses for your Analysis of Variance?

6.    How do you know if a one way ANOVA is significant?

7.    If you reject the null hypothesis in ANOVA, then what do you do?

8.    Assume we do a One-way ANOVA, and the overall ANOVA is significant. Further assume that the single treatment / factor has four levels. How many hypotheses tests are there?

9.    In a two-way ANOVA, with treatments paint and location, and with three levels. What are the three main hypothesis tests to tell whether the overall ANOVA is significant?

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