Posted: March 22nd, 2016

State Sorsby’s position on genetics and myopia – almost totally under genetic control

1. State Sorsby’s position on genetics and myopia – almost totally under genetic control
“It may therefore be taken as established that the dimensions of the optical components, the efficiency of the mechanism co-ordinating the growth of the components and thus the refraction of the eye are all genetically determined. The modes of inheritance and the possibility that environmental factors have a minor modifying influence are the principal problems now awaiting clarification.”
This is the reference:
Sorsby A, Sheridan, M., Leary, G.A. . Refraction and its components in twins. Medical Research Council Memorandum; 303 (Special), 1962.
2. Contrast this with the evidence for rapid increases in prevalence, which are incompatible with this idea (I’ll upload the introduction that I already wrote it)
i. Francis Young & Robert Morgan , 1960s
ii. Taiwan studies, 1980s
iii. Singaporean studies, 1980s
iv. Maria Edwards, 3 generation, 1980-1990
a. Morgan RW, Munro M. Refractive problems in Northern natives. Can J Ophthalmol 1973;8:226-8.
b. Morgan RW, Speakman JS, Grimshaw SE. Inuit myopia: an environmentally induced “epidemic”? Can Med Assn J 1975;112:575-7.
c. Young FA, Leary GA, Baldwin WR, West DC, Box RA, Harris E, et al. The transmission of refractive errors within eskimo families. Optom Vis Sci 1969;46:676-85.
d. Young FA, Leary GA, Box RA, Harris E, Baldwin WR, West DC, et al. Comparison of cycloplegic and non-cycloplegic refractions of Eskimos. Optom Vis Sci 1971;48:814-25.
e. Lin LL, Shih YF, Hsiao CK, Chen CJ. Prevalence of myopia in Taiwanese sc

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