Posted: August 25th, 2016

To start a competing company is called:

contract restricting employees ability to work with a competitor or start a competing company is called:
a noncompete or nondisclosure contract.
a restrictive covenant.
an employment modifier.
a contract in restraint of trade.
Actions taken above and beyond the call of duty to save someone else s life are called:
supererogatory actions.
necessary actions.
self serving.
A morally complicated problem arises when employees who are privy to proprietary information are restricted in various ways when they choose to change jobs. While the company may be motivated by the need to protect proprietary information, such restrictions may be unfair to the employee because it:
infringes on the employee s right to seek new employment.
assumes that the employee is dishonest.
infringes off of the employee s right of free speech.
discriminates against employees in technical positions.
The buying or selling of financial securities by business insiders on the basis of information has not been made public is called:
insider trading.
stock transfer.
stock manipulation.
Management can protect itself from external whistleblowing on the part of its employees by:
creating an organizational structure and culture that would be more accommodating to emplo

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