Posted: April 1st, 2015

Spain’s Telefonica case study

Spain’s Telefonica case study

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Spain’s Telefonica

The report should offer a detailed understanding of the nature of Case. A good case analysis should reflect the following:

(i) Core problems are clearly identified/Implications on today’s global business environment
(ii) Detailed theoretical application to the problems
(iii) Good rationale for the choice of problems
(iv) Good rationale (logic and justification on the choice of solutions and recommendations)
(v) Feasibility/practicability of recommendations and solutions.

Please note that the Final Report will involve a comprehensive case analysis in which you will be expected to identify the key issue(s), evaluate and recommend. It is essential that students present an in-depth diagnosis and recommend a realistic and workable plan of action.

Format of the report

(i) Executive summary: What is the issue? How was it investigated? What did you find out? And what is the significance of the findings?
(ii) Contents
(iii) Introduction: Background info about the topic, aim/purpose of the investigation, outline how the main section (body) is structured.
(iv) Analysis
(v) Recommendations
(vi) Conclusion
(vii) References
(viii) Appendix

Please notice that 500 words for Telefonica’s background is enough

The rest 3000 + words should specific go through the problems of Telefonica and recommendation towards the problems (please find 3 problems for telefonica, and each problem=1000 + words, including what is the problem, why the problem happened and recommendation)

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