Posted: August 4th, 2016

Software is intellectual property and protected by?

Firms that exercise an explicit or implicit pressure on employees to engage in volunteer activities can be guilty of attempting to influence the personal choices of employees in ways that constitute invasion of privacy. In doing so, they are, in fact, communicating the firm s notion of:
what to believe, what values to support, and what goals to promote outside work.
its power to restrict employees autonomy.
what s best for society.
what employees need to do to be promoted.

Software is intellectual property and protected by ______________ from unauthorized use.

Software engineers have a set of codified rules regarding their professional moral conduct. These rules can be found in:
the Federal Trade Commission.
the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice.
the Tesla Code.

The ultimate moral judgment on whether or not a gift or entertainment is acceptable hinges on:
whether it might lead the recipient to sacrifice the interest of the firm.
whether it is the most expensive gift that the recipient has received.
the time of year that the gift was given.
everyone else on the same level in the firm has received similar gifts.

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