Posted: September 5th, 2017

Was Socrates in favor of overthrowing everything traditional? (Give evidence in support of your answer

Read the Aрologу. Internet versions of Plato’s Apologу can be located by typing into Google: “Plato’s Apology”. THE APOLOGY 1) Socrates’ manner of speaking and his method: In the beginning of the dialogue, Socrates compares the manner in which his accusers speak with the manner in which he speaks (what sort of language do they use; what sort does he use?): a) What are differences he mentions? b) Why does Socrates speak the way he does, and why do his accusers speak the way they do? c) What characterizes the Socratic method? 2) Why does Socrates consider his earlier accusers to be more dangerous? 3) What made Socrates the wisest of all in his day? 4a) Should people have been angry with Socrates for uncovering their ignorance? 4b) Was Socrates in favor of overthrowing everything traditional? (Give evidence in support of your answer.) 5) What Socrates thought was important in life: a) How did Socrates get his mission? b) What was Socrates’ twofold mission? c) Socrates accepted his death sentence. However, long before that there were two or three other things that he accepted losing in order to better pursue his mission. What are they? 6) Why does Socrates refuse the option of leaving Athens and leading a quiet life? 7) Give the order according to which Socrates thought one ought to value the following (starting from the most to the least): friends, material goods, family, reputation, conscience, fellow citizens. Provide evidence that he does indeed put first the thing you list first, and last the thing you list last. 8) Do all philosophers have (a) the same moral views as Socrates? (b) Should they? (c) Why or why not? please show which answer to which question

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