Posted: July 29th, 2016

What are the social service services?

Law question involving a wrongly accused female of molesting a 10 year old daughter. The young girl was manipulated into telling the story from her biological mother. The case went to court. The unjustly persecuted woman was accused by her fiancee s ex wife.

***There were never any charges brought against the accused.
***The accused (who resides in NYC) flew to CA. where child lives to seek help from Detectives of Child Abuse
***She took a voice analyzer stress test (the substitute and much more precise instrument of the polygraph), a three hour interview with detectives, etc.
***Results from all tests proved that person was not even vaguely capable of molestation charges.
***The child wants to desperately see the very woman that the child gave testimony about to Social Service Workers and Police. (A video tape was made)

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