Posted: June 8th, 2015

Social Security or Health Care

Social Security or Health Care

How does the essay work?

You are to compose and type a paper on some economic issue or problem directly connected with Social Security or health care.

Submit via dropbox in either doc(docx) or odt format ONLY.  No late submissions can be accepted. Sorry.

See the calendar (Events) for the due date and time.

Possible ideas for topics include but are not limited to: solvency of social security fund, solvency of disability insurance fund, womens’ benefit computation compared to mens’, etc. Do not cover immigration or immigrants benefits.

This paper is a highly structured argumentative paper. It will consist of a clearly defined thesis statement, and four clearly labeled main discussion points relating to that thesis statement. Limit your conclusion to no more than five lines.

The typed paper is to be submitted via dropbox in APA format with at least 1,700 words of text excluding titles, citations, etc.  APA has 12 point Times font, double spacing, normal margins.  The title page must have your Title of paper, your name, course title, date. The title page and citations pages do not count toward the 1,700 word requirement.  Submit as a doc or odt file.  Other file formats cannot be accepted. Again, late submissions are not accepted.

Do not write the paper in first person (I). Do not write a history or mere description of the social security program or healthcare act.

This must be your writing. No cutting and pasting from the internet or any other source. No quotes other than statistics are allowed.

ANY violation of these procedures will result in a very dramatic reduction in grade.

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