Posted: May 22nd, 2015

Social Networking: A loss of privacy

Social Networking: A loss of privacy

Pick a new media technology to research. Discuss from multiple perspectives, e.g.:, economic perspective; sociological perspective; technological perspective; moral, anthropological, educational, etc. You do not have to use all these perspectives, but you must use SEVERAL.
?    ANALYSIS. Pick a new media technology to study. Analyze positive and negative effects on society. If you can come up with about 5 or more positive and negative effects (each), that would be nice, but you must have SEVERAL.
?    IMPACT. Examine a particular area / discipline in which the new media have had an impact. It can be an area you are particularly interested in – say your major, or your hobby. How have the new media affected this area? How is this area likely to be affected in the near future?

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