Posted: November 30th, 2016

Snow White thinks this is ridiculous, but wants to know what her options are and what she is obligated to pay Sleepy

. Sleepy

Snow White has an additional employee with a potential overtime situation – Sleepy. This hourly employee was authorized to stay late at the office to complete a report that was due this morning. He was selected in part because his pay is only $10 per hour. When Snow White walked in, she was surprised to find the office lights still on and her employee, Sleepy, fast asleep with his head down on his desk. He was still wearing the same clothes from yesterday, and it was apparent that he had not gone home the night before! She woke him up and asked him why he was still there. Sleepy replied that he had completed his report at around 8:00 pm – 3 hours after his scheduled end time of 5:00 pm – and then decided he needed to “rest his eyes” for a minute before packing up to leave. He nodded off for about an hour, only to wake up to a phone call from a customer at 9:00, who wanted to submit a complaint about an apple she had purchased

from the company and eaten, which gave her food poisoning. Sleepy spent about 15 minutes to take her complaint, drafted a detailed memo to Snow White, and finished working on it at midnight. Since he had a long commute, and since it was already so late, he decided to stay in the office and wait until work started the next morning. He slept at his desk until about 4:00 am, at which time the early morning custodial staff entered the office and startled him awake. This custodial worker was surprised to find Sleepy in the office, but was glad to find him, because he is part of a workplace engagement committee that was planning an upcoming

company conference. The two began discussing ideas for the conference and started jotting down some recommendations to make to the management team. Before they knew it, it was 7:00 am. The custodial worker had to catch up on the early morning cleaning duties, and Sleepy opted to get a final hour of sleep in before the work day started at 8:00.


Snow White is upset that Sleepy stayed in the office overnight. In addition to just

being strange, Sleepy is insisting that he should be compensated for the entire

evening, since he was in the office. Snow White thinks this is ridiculous, but

wants to know what her options are and what she is obligated to pay Sleepy

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