Posted: January 4th, 2017

A small import/export organization is planning to upgrade its computer networking arrangements

A small import/export organization is planning to upgrade its computer networking arrangements. The organization employing twenty five people is located in a city center office with a warehouse located ten miles away. The current system is paper/centralized services based. The new requirement is for;•Receptionists (2) to have access to a centralized customer records database.  •Order Processing Staff (4) to have access to the customer records database, transportation web sites via the internet, and secure payment facilities. •Warehouse Staff (6) who requires computerized handling instructions.•Sales and Marketing (4) to have remote access to customer database.•Executive Management Team (3); access to a secure Management Database.Additionally all staff to have access to a hosted email service and a company Intranet.As an IT Consultant you have been approached by the organization to produce a detailed Proposal to meet the above requirements.This Proposal must include in detail the following 8 items. Alternative solutions must be discussed with a clear justification of the chosen option. 1.The role of the network, the benefits it will bring to the business and the resource implications2.Network topology 3.Network components and connection materials, including their specification4.Cabling and hardware configuration5.Software requirements6.A detailed Network Diagram(s)7.A discussion of the performance issues related to your selection of technology, software, network components, connection  materials and configuration8.An explanation of how network architecture influences access and control of a network, together with a brief discussion of the merits of different architectures and scenarios where one architecture might be favored over another.

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