Posted: June 11th, 2015

Six Sigma Quality Engineering

Six Sigma Quality Engineering

MSE 618- Six Sigma Quality Engineering
You work for a company that manufactures aluminum rods in the machine shop.  The aluminum rods must be 604 mm +/-2 mm long to meet customer’s specifications. There has been a chronic problem with rods length being out of specifications causing high scrap and rework rates.
For a month, data was collected on the length of 30 aluminum rods in the machine shop. Also, three suppliers A, B,C and D that manufacture the same part, collected data on 30 aluminum rods at their own facilities (see data below).

Should the company continue producing aluminum rods or buy parts from outside suppliers? You have been asked to lead a problem-solving team and recommend a solution. Hint:
You must run the following analysis, study results and make a recommendation:
•    Run a normality test for each supplier data set
•    Perform a Process Capability Analysis for the machine shop, supplier A, B and C.
•    Sigma level for each supplier (Cp & Cpk)
•    Scrap cost for each supplier
•    Run X and R chart for the machine shop, supplier A, B and C.

1.    Go over the steps in the instruction and do the analysis
2.    provide minimum two pages professional summary report which could be provided to professional corporation.
3.    Please make sure that all the result that you make is 100% correct.
4.    If you need any further information please contact me.

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