Posted: June 5th, 2015

Signature Assignment

For this assignment will be to select a developmental topic (Attachment Theory) you want to create an intervention for. Then find five or more additional peer review articles. Using these articles and the information on attachment theory develop a one-page outline of your paper. Your outline should briefly (i.e. short statements or bullet point) identify the topic you have chosen and outline the sections of your paper. The outline should clarify what issue will be addressed, key points the literature says about the issue, and what your specific intervention is and how it will be conducted. The second page of this assignment should be the reference section for your final assignment. It should include all resources you anticipating using in your final paper in APA format. Your reference page will have at a minimum the 5 additional articles you will use, any text from the course you will reference, and any other resource you anticipate using in the final paper.

Then, you will develop an intervention program that is theoretically and empirically sound and related to development (i.e., any of the topics studied in this course). For the final assignment you will need to read and cite at least five peer reviewed articles related to your chosen topic (they must be in addition to the ones already included in this course). For example, if you want to develop a program designed to facilitate developmentally appropriate discipline with pre-school aged children, you would need to cite articles that support your suggested intervention and substantiate it as a worthwhile and logical intervention. The scope of your intervention should be narrow enough that you can effectively address the topic, the nature of the problem, what the literature says about how to address the problem, and your specific plan for intervention all within approximately 5-7 pages. �The seven principles of effective parenting� is too broad. �One way to foster adult to adult connection with your parents,� �Letting go without losing each other: A ritual to start a new relationship with your children as they leave home,� or �Sharing control: A task to foster individual responsibility with adolescents� might be more feasible. Any topic throughout the course is available for this assignment, but the end result must be a concise review of information and a specific intervention that you could use as a therapist with your clients.

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